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A number of states have passed or are in the process of passing legislation designed to further protect the consumerís rights in the secondary life insurance market. Specifically, these include the right to be informed about the opportunities presented by the market, the right to access the market and the right to privacy throughout the transaction. Such legislation is sending a clear message to Financial Professionals that secondary market offerings are more than a permanent feature of sound financial planning; they are now part of your fiduciary responsibility.

As a Financial Professional you have a fiduciary responsibility to represent your client's interest by advising them on all available alternatives. You can assist your client by exploring all the options that exist when they are considering an exit strategy for any life insurance policy by implementing the following:

Evaluate your client's comprehensive wealth management picture and determine if your client has the right life insurance coverage for their current financial situation. You may find that they have enough coverage; other times you may find they have more than they currently need. Whatever you discover, a life settlement may be an option if they have coverage they no longer wish to retain.

If it is determined that a life settlement is the appropriate course of action, simply submit our application, and let Trinity Financial Services, LLC start working for you.

Work with a licensed broker, because as a licensed broker according to the NAIC Adopted Model Act definition regulating life settlements - A Life Settlement Broker is deemed to represent the policy owner and has a fiduciary responsibility to the policy owner.


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Trinity Financial Services, LLC is now offering Graded Death Benefit Life Settlements. This product allows a traditional Life Settlement, coupled with a 3 year death benefit. Open up a new possibility for your clients, more.
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