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Non-Profit and Charity Organizations utilize Life Settlements
Non-Profit Organizations

Planned Giving

Developing new liquid financial resources for nonprofit organizations is a difficult task. We live in uncertain economic times. Donors are giving less. Competition for the charitable dollar is fierce. Yet, many nonprofit organizations are sitting on vast stores of charitable resources that if mined correctly and prudently could produce current dollars to:

  • Replace funds from endowments lost due to poor investment performance
  • Use for current capital campaign
  • Supplement budgets for vital programs

Many nonprofit organizations have millions of dollars waiting to be tapped in the form of life insurance that usually only provide cash after the donor/insured passes away. Not only are these assets unproductive, they might actually cost the nonprofit thousands of dollars each year in premium payments.

Trinity Financial Services, LLC was founded with the following goals in mind:

  • To assist seniors and charitable organizations in liquidating their life insurance policies in the most efficient way, while obtaining the highest possible cash settlements.
  • To provide a simple application process, after which Trinity Financial Services, LLC obtains all relevant medical records and insurance information, while maintaining complete confidentiality.

Trinity Financial Services, LLC has expanded these services to nonprofit organizations:

  • To work directly with the Chief Development Officer or designee as a consultant to review gifts of life insurance contracts owned by the nonprofit organization.
  • To determine which contracts might qualify for a life settlement and advise the Chief Development Officer or designee on the appropriate procedures to initiate the settlement process.

Why Trinity Financial Services, LLC?

  • Our experienced staff have helped hundreds of individuals over the age of 65 obtain the highest dollar value possible on life insurance, that was purchased for an important reason which may no longer exist. We have applied that same simple logic to the nonprofit world where organizations like yours own life insurance.
  • The sale of that asset today might be more beneficial than waiting for the donor to pass away. The policy may be in danger of lapsing because the donor no longer chooses to pay the premiums and the nonprofit organization may be forced to use its own precious funds to meet the premium costs.

Will Trinity Financial Services, LLC contact the donor directly?

Trinity Financial Services, LLC recognizes the importance of the relationship between the nonprofit organization and its donors. Therefore, it will not contact a named insured (donor) whose gift of life insurance might qualify for a life settlement. All contact will be with the chief development professional or designee. When certain information like medical records are needed in the application process, Trinity Financial Services, LLC will first notify the nonprofit organization and have the information secured by the nonprofit. Or Trinity Financial Services, LLC may obtain permission to contact the named insured solely for the purpose of obtaining the information.


If your non-profit organization would like more information on liquidating these policies, please fill out the form below.

A representative will be contacting you to walk you through the process, provide support and marketing material, and to answer any questions.

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