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Life settlements have begun to gain monumental acceptance in both the financial and insurance communities. The industry's tentacles are now branching into the law and accounting communities. Your clients are now turning to the very people whom they trust most with their finances. Any time one of their clients is seeking advice when it comes to life insurance needs or lack thereof, many estate planning attorneys and CPA's turn to Trinity Financial Services, LLC.

Trinity Financial Services, LLC will obtain a free appraisal of the fair market value of your client's life insurance policy. You owe it to your client to explore an alternative, rather than allowing the coverage to lapse or surrendering the policy for the cash surrender value.

Policy Owner Applications

  • Gift to a family member
  • Create funds for a charitable gift
  • Purchase long-term care insurance
  • Purchase a survivorship policy
  • Fund a life insurance product that better suits current wants or needs
  • Estate size changes, creating the need for larger or smaller death benefit to cover estate taxes
  • Fund more cost effective coverage
  • Create liquidity to invest elsewhere
  • Retire debts

Business Applications

  • Key-man insurance is no longer needed after retirement
  • Buy/Sell agreement is no longer needed due the sale of the company
  • Bankruptcy creates the need for liquidity
  • Retire a company debt

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Life Settlement News
Trinity Financial Services, LLC is now offering Graded Death Benefit Life Settlements. This product allows a traditional Life Settlement, coupled with a 3 year death benefit. Open up a new possibility for your clients, more.
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